My 17 year old cat is peeing right in front of her litter box, she…

My 17 year old cat is peeing right in front of her litter box, she is still going inside the litter box too. I noticed she was constipated yesterday so I upped her wet food intake. After that she passed a good stool and is no longer squatting/straining to go the bathroom. I have a puppy pad in front of the litter now, to save my floor, and can tell that when she does pees it’s a normal amount with a clear/light yellow color. I have now we’re all noticed that she is getting some pee on her self, around her left back leg. Otherwise her behavior is normal. She doesn’t mind me pressing on her stomach and looks otherwise normal down there. She has a history of uti’s and is not showing any of her typical signs for that; although she has a history of Uti its not a usual one, my vet used to joke that she just faked it back she liked meds, there were no true medical consistencies with her past UTIs just behavioral consistencies which as I said she is not displaying. She has also always been a difficult cat who is quite picky about her life and will start peeing if anything is wrong. Just wondering if this seems more behavioral, old age related,or a bigger medical emergency? Thanks

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Adam Wysocki
5 years ago

In my experience, when cats are having accidents right outside of the litter box and still using the litter box it is usually something medical … uti, thyroid, kidneys, etc. I’d have my vet screen to rule out anything medical before worrying too much about behavior.

Age related issues are also possible. Maybe a litter box with a lower entrance that is easier to get into/out of might be something to consider?