ed early and it looked different than her usual poop. She has been raw fed…

ed early and it looked different than her usual poop. She has been raw fed for more than a year, and her poop is usually hard and dry. Earlier, she had a moss green colored poop and seems like in pain while pooping.

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julie brader
5 years ago

Hi sorry to.hear your dog is not well.   You need to take her to a Vet urgently. She.could well have a blockage if you are raw feeding lumps of meat, offal and especially whole bones.  It really does them no good having dry hard stools constantly. Pushing and struggljng to get rid of hard stools not only hurts but puts undue pressure on their spine.  If you want to raw feed try and find a ready made diet with a high percentage of meat, vegetables, ground bone and all the vitamins and minerals she needs instead.  Meanwhile you do… Read more »

julie brader
5 years ago

No it wouldn’t have been the bananna that caused it. You need to take her to.a Vet.

julie brader
5 years ago

p.s. if you haven’t already realised the reason her stools are so hard and drynis because of yhe bones you are giving her. Bones come out the other end hard dry and chalky. Its honestly doing your dog no favours giving her all these bones…bones kill dogs I know they do and my Vet showed m3 xrays to prove it. I raw feed too but I would never raw feed like this…lumps of meat, offal and bones. They are not getting a balanced diet for one thing unless you are carefully adding vitamins and minerals she needs….and its very hard… Read more »