I contact you from Durban, South Africa, in desperation, as our 3 year old Basset…

I contact you from Durban, South Africa, in desperation, as our 3 year old Basset Hound is in the angst of a progressive eczema, that we are failing to manage the past year.

In the interim, we have 
– excluded parasitic infestations;
– adopted routines of wipe downs, oiling and various topical preparations;
– via food exclusion trials omitted commercial pet foods & other carbohydrates, and have him on a Venison only diet;
– attempted anti-histamines with no success; and 
– administer Hydrocortisone 5mg twice per day.

His eczema is unrelenting, having become non seasonal, and is now being accompanied by a patch like distribution hair loss.

Unfortunately, out local veterinary service is unable to offer us more assistance, and we sincerely hope to know if there are further measures and / or medications our Fred may benefit from.

Best wishes, 

Nirvana & Vishal.

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5 years ago

Hi Nirvana and Vishal, Oh I’m so sorry you are dealing with this. It sounds like you are doing a lot already. I know if can be frustrating to get relief for eczema.  I’m not a vet and don’t have much experience with this, but there are others on here that will chime in most likely before the end of the day. I do know that usually treating bad cases like this can be multi fold, and using multiple medications can sometimes help. Have you tried using Apoquel? It’s a medication that is sometimes prescribed here in the USA for… Read more »