I dropped a 75 mg proin tablet my other dog is on and my 50…

I dropped a 75 mg proin tablet my other dog is on and my 50 pound dog who doesn’t need it ate it. She’s 10.5 years old with hypothyroidism but generally healthy. Will she be ok? Any help would be appreciated.

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Laura Kyle
5 years ago

I have a dog on Proin as well. From what I am reading the recommended dose for proin is 2mg/kg. It sounds like your dog took about 3.5mg/kg. Most of the adverse reactions were seen either in long term use or at doses over 10mg/kg. However, I would still monitor her closely for neurological changes, lethargy, and vomiting or Diarrhea. You can also call pet poison hotline at 855-764-7661 to make sure that she didn’t receive a toxic dose.

Joe Mccollum
5 years ago

You can certainly call the Pet Poison Helpline. They can help you by asking about your dogs size, breed, overall health and other possible drug interactions. In general, one tablet in a healthy adult medium or larger sized dog will probably be fine.
Call your vet if and report this incident to them. They can also help you.