Hi! I am driving 8 hours away to pick up a 5 year old…

Hi! I am driving 8 hours away to pick up a 5 year old rescue beagle. To break up the trip home I will be driving 4 hours, staying overnight in a hotel and then driving the last 4 hours home. Since I have no idea how she will be in car (the rescue doesn’t know either—fyi, she is living in a prison, with two prisoner handlers!), I got dramamine to give her and my vet told me how much to give her based on her weight. Any other suggestions? Should I feed her or not feed her?

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Krista Magnifico
Krista Magnifico(@kristamagnifico)
3 years ago

Have you asked about her history? Is she used to being in a crate? Has she travels before? I would start there and then decide what she needs. I also always recommend transporting in a crate. Having lots of towels and paper towels and bedding to exchange Out and feeding a small meal at the beginning of the trip. Offer water every few hours and settle in to a hotel with enough time to feed and walk. And walk again before bed. Most importantly be calm and stay calm. Best of luck. Thank you for rescuing her!