Dr. Magnifico I made an appointment for Princess to see you on September 8th. She is …

Dr. Magnifico

I made an appointment for Princess to see you on September 8th. She is overdue her shots and I sent a question that you responded to about her having her days and nights mixed up. Last night though while giving her extra attention and rubbing I found a lump on her belly. What is strange is that she slept all night and got up only to get up to eat and go in the litter box. I called the clinic to see if there were any openings but they are booked.
They were going to see if anyone had time just to check her belly. Such a quick change from 24 hours and I was concerned because she was sleeping all night. However within the last 5 minutes she is up playing so i think i will wait to see you tomorrow. The lump is on her belly more to one side and towards the back (dependingon how she is laying). I already lost 2 cats this year and I have one now with lymph node cancer mesentary. If she continues with her usual behavior of up and wanting attention tonight, is it safe to wait until the 8th or is it best for her to be seen sooner. I know to take her to the ER if she goes back to sleeping constantly….although that is her norm for daytime.

As always I appreciate and value your opinion.


My message was sent earlier today at which time Princess woke up and was playing with something. She went back to sleep and got up several hours ago to eat but then returned to the new bed I had gotten her. I brought out something that she likes to play with but she only played with it for about a minute and returned to her bed. I definitely will see you tomorrow with her and if she starts to exhibit anything more serious I will take her to the ER….unless you get this and think I should take her now. It is now 7:34 pm. This is around the time that she would start to get a little active.

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Krista Magnifico
2 years ago

I have walk in appointments available from 1-3 sundays. I hope things are ok. If you want to come in on Sunday just arrive between 1245 and 2. It is first come first served. Take care. Krista.