I don’t have money at the moment to take my cat to the vet he…

I don’t have money at the moment to take my cat to the vet he was bouned up the other day and finally pooped now he’s not peeing er anything what can I do to help him?

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Sandra Sellers
5 years ago

Is he trying but looks like it’s painful? It’s possible whatever the problem was resolved itself but scared him so now he’s afraid of the litter box. If you know for sure he I an t peeing elsewhere on the house and he isn’t peeing in the box I’d have to take him in to the vets. Obviously that’s just not normal. Possibly you could confibe your kitty in a room with a water bowl and litter box for a day so you know for sure.

Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

A cat that cannot urinate is an emergency. Please get him to a vet to at least Check to be sure if he is or is t blocked.

Talk to the vet about your situation and see if you can make payments. If your cat is indeed blocked it won’t fix itself and your cat will get very sick.

Reach out to local rescues and explain the situation, they may be able to assist you financially if you can help them by volunteering in some way.

Laurie McDowell
5 years ago

FInd a way to get him veterinary care or turn him into a shelter immediately.  He is going to die a terrible death otherwise.  Sorry for being so harsh but not being able to pee is an emergency.