I have two small dogs weighing around 11 or 12 pounds apiece. can I use…

I have two small dogs weighing around 11 or 12 pounds apiece. can I use 1 tubeof k9 Advantix 2 for a large dog 21-55 lbs and split the tube between them safely?

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PK Dennis
5 years ago

No, splitting the tube between the 2 dogs is NOT SAFE.  Don’t take the chance with their lives.

Christina Chambreau
5 years ago

If you would like an alternative approach without worrying about the safety of the chemicals, look into holistic approaches to prevent fleas and ticks. For fleas, check out Fleas Be Gone, a kindle book I wrote to help people use more natural, though sometimes more time consuming approaches. 

Amlee Roundfield
5 years ago

I would not recommend this as the doses are specific for the size range – each tube is measured. There is no way to ensure each pup would get the amount needed top be most effective. My recommendation is to purchase from your vet, and if that is not a feasible option have the vet write a script for purchase from a pharmacy.

The reason for the recommendation, is that stores cannot support you if yhappens your pet has a reaction for the product

Amlee Roundfield
5 years ago

What is meant by “off label”? I’ve not heard this term before.