4 years and 6 months, older is girl, younger is boy, both bichons, we’re at…

4 years and 6 months, older is girl, younger is boy, both bichons, we’re at home but busy and distracted all day

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Debby Hartten
5 years ago

Agree with others. Why do you have these dogs if you are not giving them a happy and loving life. Pets are not possessions. They are living beings. Based on your question it would be best to rehome them in a home that embraces them and gives them what they deserve. This does not mean taking them to a shelter by the way. If you need the names of any good rescues to contact in your area let us know.

julie brader
5 years ago

Hi CJ…but haven’t you asked this question before? Our Vet Krista replied and so did I. Ok so you have two Bichons who are stuck in small crates all day. This is not a suitable way for dogs to live. In fact its cruel. You say they pee and poop if you let them have the run of the house. Why is this? Because they have been in these crates since puppyhood and you haven’t house trained them? You say when you are home, you are super busy. So you don’t have time for the dogs when you are there?… Read more »

Robin Laybolt
5 years ago

I know I have seen this question before and I also know that it upsets alot people on this site, we are all animal lovers and hate to hear that your poor dogs are kept in there TINY gages all day, it is just heart breaking for me to even think about those poor dogs. As you have syated that you have no time for your dogs so give them to a home where people will love them and give them a home where they are not locked up all the time. What you are doing is called animal abuse… Read more »