Hello all! I have a papillon Yorkie mix- Truffles and a JRT/chi mix- Sherman! I…

Hello all! I have a papillon Yorkie mix- Truffles and a JRT/chi mix- Sherman! I love them dearly!

Sherman has newly been with us since April. He’s been on taste of the wild since we brought him home. Suddenly, last week, he developed orangey/light brown diarrhea. Sorry for the mental image, but it came out like a fire hydrant. I started fasting him and after 24 hours I started feeding him boiled chicken and rice. This started back on Thursday. His diarrhea subsided on Saturday and he developed more solidified poops. On Sunday he had normal poops but still a little it mucousy (yellow greenish mucous). He is currently being transitioned back to taste of the wild. He is getting a mix of the bland food and kibble.

Then, on Tuesday (yesterday), Truffles started having diarrhea. He woke me up frantically having to go. It was runny, but had some solidness to it. He pooped again and it was very clear mucous. More mucousy than poop. Today, Truffles had a really nice solid poop, but a couple of hours after that he had a jelly like orange poop. It was mucousy.

To give a more idea of what they eat, as I said, Sherman eats taste of the wild, but I also mix in spoonful of tripett as a natural supplement. Truffles is fed a commercial raw food diet from Darwin’s. He also gets tripett mixed into his food. The have both been on the same diet for the same amount of time, but I started adding Tripett everyday for the past 1.5-2 months.

Thy eat bully sticks here and there, but they haven’t had any bully sticks since Sherman’s diarrhea started. Sherman did have bully sticks back to back days before his diarrhea started and that’s what we thought could have irritated his stomach. We’re not sure about Truffles though. We did feed him a little bit of boiled chicken as a treat.

Please help me. I really have no idea what to do. I’m trying to avoid a costly vet visit, but I will take one or both of you guys feel that it’s needed. I just don’t have a vet I feel comfortable with now. I use to go to a vet school, but they get so preachy about me feeding Truffles a raw food and I know they will blame this all on that. I’m still looking for a vet that is holistic but not overly holistic (does that make sense? Lol).


Melissa Masserant

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julie brader
5 years ago

Something has obviously upset your dogs. If you haven’t changed their diet and are sure you have not fed anything that could be slightly “off” then its not that.  Is it possible they have both eaten something disgusting outside? Have they been with any other dogs that have these symptoms? It sounds like a nasty bug they have picked up from somewhere.  This has been going on for quite a while even though you have fed them a bland diet I would honestly take them to a Vet and get them checked over and take a stool sample from each… Read more »