i can touch all her legs and she doesn’t flinch or pull away and I…

i can touch all her legs and she doesn’t flinch or pull away and I can’t feel any heat or any lumps.

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julie brader
5 years ago

Please don’t let her jump anywhere or go up and down stairs!! You need to cage rest her until you go to the Vet TOMORROW and carry her in. It sounds like she has a problem with her spine, possibly a slipped disc or one on the way.  If its not that then you need to find out what it is before it gets worse. Leave a dog with a spinal problem too long and she could end up paralyzed.  I hope its nothing to do with her spine but please don’t take any chances with symptoms like this. My… Read more »

julie brader
5 years ago

Hi Nikki…yes everything was normal apart from a slight hesitation to jump on the sofa. Vet xrayed, next thing I knew he was in Surgery at Newmarket. The signs are so subtle you can easily miss them…and it all happened in 3 days. Thats why I saw the warning signs with your girl. I really hope its not her spine but something trivial. Please let me know what the Vet says won’t you? I’ll be thinking of you…..