She is a shitzu and is 6 years old idk if this counts for anything…

She is a shitzu and is 6 years old idk if this counts for anything. My dog was bleeding after I pulled it off and then I got toilet paper to stop the bleeding.

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julie brader
5 years ago

Your dog should be alright as long as you got the head of the tick out, this can and probably will cause infection if left in the dogs skin.  Don’t worry about catching the tick and blood, (the things we have to do!!) Wash it all off and I would bathe the area with antiseptic or Hibiscrub preferably if you have any  However, keep your eye on your dog….make sure she is well. Any rise in temperature, off her food, sickness and so on …she will need to be seen by a Vet. If you don’t have the funds try… Read more »

julie brader
5 years ago

I would stick to antiseptic such as Dettol personally, Hibiscrub would be better. Do you have any antiseptic cream? Savlon or even Sudacrem? If so wash the area with boiled water and add a bit of salt…pat it dry and put cream on as long as she doesnt lick it off lol