My dog is west highland terrier 12 years old he lost weight so I took…

My dog is west highland terrier 12 years old he lost weight so I took to the vets after a blood test and examination I was told he may have a mass on his liver but after a scan nothing was there

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5 years ago

not necessarily.  that usually means they want to check on his overall condition after the course of antibiotics is complete.  don’t miss a dose, make sure he gets the full course of pills, and if anything changes for the worse, make sure you call them or take him in immediately.

Christina Chambreau
5 years ago

There are many other alternatives to the tablets so do not feel that putting him to sleep is the only option. There are a lot of wonderful holistic veterinarians in the UK, and some can help you with a phone consult if none are within a drive. Even though the conventional tests were normal, there are extra tests (tongue and pulse, pressure points, alignment, etc) that can provide clues as to therapies that could cure or at least help your dog. Because the tablets may help for a while, then stop working, I would suggest finding one now. Check out… Read more »