to leak a little fluid, called vet vet said its not urgent and to…

to leak a little fluid, called vet vet said its not urgent and to wait 2days till i am due to take her for check up anyway as she has had diaherra and off food since starting metacam pain relief 2weeks ago for painfull joints. Please help so worried about her. She keeps licking it and it aware now that it is there. She is a 9year rottweiler.

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Sherry Tomsett
5 years ago

Metacam oral suspension info. Not for use in humans. Keep this and all medications out of reach of children. Consult a physician in case of accidental ingestion by humans. For oral use in dogs only. As with any NSAID all dogs should undergo a thorough history and physical examination before the initiation of NSAID therapy. Appropriate laboratory testing to establish hematological and serum biochemical baseline data is recommended prior to and periodically during administration. Owner should be advised to observe their dog for signs of potential drug toxicity and be given a client information sheet about Metacam. Precautions The safe use… Read more »

Kelly Furgason
5 years ago


It sounds like you are very concerned, I would call your vet back again and ask to be seen earlier.

Good luck,


Margrit Simons
5 years ago

Good for you Kelly!