She is a 2 year old lab mix. Last night i took her on a…

She is a 2 year old lab mix. Last night i took her on a run and she was fine. This morning when i woke up and took her out on her normal bathroom break she seemed like her normal energetic self also. When i got home from work i seen that she had vomited twice in her kennel, and when i let her out of the kennel she threw up again. And then one more time when we were outside. She isn’t smiling, waggin her tail, or jumping around like she normally does. Her stool seems to be solid also.

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Adam Wysocki
5 years ago

That amount of vomiting would really concern me. If it were my dog I’d have her checked out by my vet.

Bryan Patterson
5 years ago

My cat also thew up similar stuff. I am treating at home with GastoElm Plus. Miracle stuff ! get it right away. Read my post to see how treated my cat. My cat was on the brink of death and is almost back to normal now.