He was hospitalized for a few days afterwards at the emergency vet, and has been…

He was hospitalized for a few days afterwards at the emergency vet, and has been attending physical therapy a few times a week ever since and has been receiving electro-accupuncture and laser therapy. I have also been doing E-stim and physical therapy exercises at home. We really want him to recover (as much as possible), so we have spared no expense so far, but eventually need to determine what treatments, procedures, etc to focus on. He now has some movement of the shoulder and at the elbow (originally he had none), but still no movement below the elbow and no weight bearing at all. We have been keeping the foot protected with a little boot, and he has a splint we’ve purchased through the vet rehab center. He is a miniature australian shepherd, so he’s small and thankfully still gets around really well and is in really good spirits.

Still hoping for more improvement though, so any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. From what it sounds like, surgery really isn’t an option, but if anyone knows differently, please let me know about this as well.

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Christina Chambreau
6 years ago

Wonderful to be doing acupuncture! I hope everyone reading this will notice that there has been significant improvement, and most importantly his spirits are great. On my web site (www.myhealthyanimals.com) you may want to read about how animals heal (cure, palliation, suppression) and how to work with an integrative veterinarian.  As long as there is continued progress, you could try stopping the laser and see if the progress continues. If not, go back to laser, get more improvement, then try stopping the acupuncture. Or, you could contact an animal intuitive who can give you yes/no answers as to the best… Read more »