My dog got a split down his nails. He is putting more weight on it…

My dog got a split down his nails. He is putting more weight on it now. Is this something that I have to bring him to the vet for, the town I live in doesn’t have a vet today… if I don’t require a vet, what should I do for it.
Thank You

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Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

Hello! Great question. At the vet clinic where I work this is a common occurance. I’ve seen nails exactly like your photo and also one’s much worse that were actually split down the center up into the foot. What the vets usually do depends on what they see after the nail/paw is cleaned up and examined. Sometimes they just trim the nail very short, other times they actually pull out the entire nail (a very hard jerk)..When they pull out the entire nail, it’s not a pretty sight, the dog obviously experiences some pain for a short few seconds, but… Read more »

Sue Bona
5 years ago

You might be able to wrap a short piece of tape tightly around the nail to hold it together and keep it from splitting further. I think that may lessen the pain a bit as well. I know some women that glue their nails together with super glue when they split and it keeps the nail together as it grows out. I’ve also used some soft plastic nail tips they sell to be used as a protection for floors and furniture or to be cute in different colors. They fit over the nail and are glued on. That might help… Read more »

Sue Bona
5 years ago

I ordered the nail covers at I did notice another brand Soft Claws that popped up as available at Amazon and Drs Foster and Smith. I’ve never looked for them at a pet store but it sounds like these may be out in the stores.