I had my dog spayed on a Tuesday. Went back to the vet on Friday…

I had my dog spayed on a Tuesday. Went back to the vet on Friday because she was getting better didn’t want to eat go outside. I would put her in a spot when I left for work, I would come home 8-9 hours later and she would still be in the same area. Vet said everything looked good I had said no there is something wrong. They assured me she was good to go. On Saturday morning I tried to feed her take her out and when I lifted her, her head plopped to one side. When I came home from work a few hours later she was whimpering I lifted her up and there was blood every where and her stomach was popping out of her incision. I picked her up and her intestine’s started coming out. I got her to the emergency vet and it was to late we had to put her down. Why would this happen and does this happen

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Krista Magnifico
6 years ago


I am so sorry to hear of your dogs misfortune. I think it is imperative that you go to your veterinarian and speak to them about what happened to your dog.

It would be irresponsible for me, or anyone else to comment on your dogs condition.

There are too many things that could have happened. You should talk to the ER veterinarian and your vet.

I am soo sorry for your loss.

My deepest sympathies,