My dog was spayed today, surgery went "well" I was told. Since I’ve had…

My dog was spayed today, surgery went "well" I was told. Since I’ve had her home, she hasn’t slept, is restless, and has continuously been shaking. She is moving ok, and gone to the bathroom ok- not limping or hunched. No whining or crying. I specifically asked for pain meds for her. I was given 5 eyedroppers, to begin one per day starting tomorrow. She has had no vomiting, diarrhea, or any other warning signs I was to watch out for. I was thinking that the shaking and restlessness were due to aftereffects of anesthesia, but saw it could be a sign of pain after I googled it since it’s been going on for 6 hours. Not sure what I should do….not sure it’s urgent enough for the emergency hospital but certainly don’t want her to be in pain! ugh!

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Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Hello, Thanks for the question and for using Pawbly.. This is a difficut question to answer without seeing your pet. The restlessness, and shaking could be from the anesthesia, or pain, or discomfort, but unfortunately they could be because of other more serious issues. Post operatively we assess basic vitals, Like temperature, respiratory rate, and breathing. Because a spay is an intra-abdominal surgery there are also possibilities of bleeding, abdominal trauma, pain, etc. If she is not calm and comfortable then your best and safest option is to have someone look at her. The only way to distinguish post op… Read more »