My dog is a female PitBull 5month old. We take her to the vet last…

My dog is a female PitBull 5month old. We take her to the vet last Thursday she was so high in her temperature they put her some vaccine now her temperature is normal but she just want to sleep all day and have no energy. Right now i’m really tight on money so i can’t go to the vet please send me some feedback…what can i do.

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5 years ago

Hi Bryan,

Since you have already been to your vet, try calling back and telling them about her symptoms. Since you’ve already saw the vet they most likely will talk with you over the phone, and that may save you some money since you wouldn’t have to go back to see them

good luck!!


B. Lakonpa
5 years ago

I would definitely take a trip to the vet. Is your dog avoiding walking up stairs or jumping on the couch or anything like that? He may have a physical injury that’s causing him some pain, I would gently run your hands all over his body and see if you can detect a sore spot. Other than that, there’s not much you can do for him besides taking him to see the vet