Hi, I took my dog Rose to the vet last Saturday because I woke up…

Hi, I took my dog Rose to the vet last Saturday because I woke up and she was bleading from her but. Vet said she was having trouble going and anal glands were bleeding. I have had her on an antibiotic and something for pain for a week along with an external liquid to apply to her butt. Yesterday she was walking around with her tail between her legs and went out a few times but don’t think she was able to poop. this morning she won’t get out of bed and won’t eat. I did sprinkle a little bit of metamucil on her food yesterday. Is there something else I can do to help her go or what else can be wrong with her. She is around 13 years old or so. Beagle 20 lbs…

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Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Hello Christy, OK, it sounds like there are a few things going on. I am not sure if your vet told you that Rose had infected anal glands? If that is what Rose was diagnosed with then the oral antibiotics and the pain medicines sound like a good place to start. When I have a patient with infected anal glands I start with this and have the patient come back in 3 days for a re-check (just in case it doesn’t appear that the infection is resolving), or ASAP! if anything worsens, or is not significantly better in a day… Read more »