My dog refuses to use the restroom outside :P

My dog refuses to use the restroom outside 😛

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5 years ago

this is a training issue. go back to square 1. if she is crate trained, pop her back in the crate when you come inside. 10 minutes later, back outside. rinse, repeat. eventually she will learn that outside is the place for pooping…and when she does? throw a PARTY. make it rain treats. make her think it’s the best thing EVER that she went outside. conversely, when she goes inside, don’t punish her for it. and if she *isn’t* crate trained, now’s the time to start. regarding the barking…how much training do you do with them? it sounds like their… Read more »

5 years ago

leash her when inside. like i said, go back to square 1 – umbilical training. she can’t sneak off when she’s attached to you, right?

andrea Lee Roundfield
5 years ago

Try a I prefer options vs stress. Regarding the barking, we live on the 1st floor. My pups, all 3, bark at everything coming and coming from the building. I can quickly silence them work with a, “COME”! I show them treat and the follow me away from the front door in silence. When I stop, they sit and I offer the treat. It’s not perfect preventing barking, but wonderful for quickly silencing