my dog has red pimply bumps on my skin and is also balding but its…

my dog has red pimply bumps on my skin and is also balding but its only happening in small patches, it started with the groan region but has since cleared up from this viodine but it has spread in small patches to other part of the body

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PK Dennis
5 years ago

Have to agree, you need the help of a vet to get to the bottom of this — and you need to do it now, don’t wait until you have a mostly naked dog.  Usually the balding is due to the dog chewing off the fur as they scratch the itch that is creating the red bumps.  If didn’t visit a vet when it first appeared, it is time to visit the vet not since the skin is not getting better, the problem is just spreading. If you did visit a vet when the problem first appeared you need to… Read more »

caroline challita
5 years ago

Hi Francis,

If it’s spreading that means it’s not getting better, probably even getting worse. Seeing a good vet as soon as we catch something wrong with our pets is always a plus! 🙂

Warm wishes to you and your dog,