My dog has like raw spots on his foot and idk what to do!!!

My dog has like raw spots on his foot and idk what to do!!!

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PK Dennis
5 years ago

First, get all grain out of his diet — find a grain-free premium dog food.  The first 2 ingredients must be meat — such as elk, chicken, turkey — words that you understand as meat.  ‘Meal’ means the whole animal was ground up and dried, so ‘salmon meal’ means meat too.  Avoid any thing that has “by-products” listed such as “chicken by-products” this could be just chicken feathers!  Not a good source of protein.   Be sure the treats are grain-free also!  Stop sharing cookies and bread crusts!  Grains impact the dog’s ability to fight off allergens.  If he is… Read more »

julie brader
5 years ago

Hi Lauren

I personally don’t think just putting a cone collar on to stop him licking and chewing his foot will solve the problem!

You need to take him to a Vet. This could be an allergy or something else that needs investigating. Some dogs will chew their feet out of sheer boredom and it can become a habit. Perhaps you need to increase his exercise/more mental stimulation. But first you do need to check theres nothing else going on with your Vet.

Good luck! 

Mary Lloyd
5 years ago

My aunts Great Danes have that all the time it is probably because they r licking themselves raw just watch them carefully and stop them if they start or get them a cone from the pet store