so yesterday a bitch of mine, Lola, randomly turned on the oldest bitch in the…

so yesterday a bitch of mine, Lola, randomly turned on the oldest bitch in the pack, Sasha and mauled her to death. They was on there own for around half an hour, which isn’t unusual as the pair have lived with each other for years and when we got back sasha was trapped in a corner with lola surrounding her. Lola has got a litter of 3 weeks old, however she has had no problem with Sasha being near the puppies before and has even left her puppies alone with sasha, with both this litter and her only other.

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Sophie Baker
5 years ago

Hi, I had a similar problem with my border Collie and British Bulldog, they were friends since we first got our British Bulldog, but one day they started fighting so bad it drew blood to one another, turns out our border collie who was 11 years of age had dementia and he had to be put down. However I guess it just depends on the age of your dogs, it would be helpful to seek professional help, but just though i would give my story and opinion. Hope you can find what is wrong.

5 years ago

what breed is this?  it sounds like it could be same sex aggression compounded with having a litter of puppies.

i would discuss it with your breed mentor (you have one, right?  no one should be breeding without having a mentor in the breed…).