My pom not remember todo his poo on the pad hi is 3.5 months…

My pom not remember todo his poo on the pad hi is 3.5 months and I punish him with the cage or crate.But I think he can’t understand it.because I put him in his cage that one we take him out whith.and he can not recognize which one is punish which one is not….
As well as again I think most of the time hi is grouch out whith me.I’m so sad
I was disappointed….

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julie brader
5 years ago

I think you are going around this totally the wrong way. Your dog is very confused by what you are doing, he is becoming more stressed (so are you) and he will never know what you want him to do if you continue in this way. Dogs should NOT be “punished” for accidents in the house….he should never be put in his crate for this. His crate should be a happy place for him not a punishment. You need to take him outside at regular intervals, after food, before bed time and so on and patiently wait until he relieves… Read more »

julie brader
5 years ago

You still should not be putting him in his cage as a punishment. As Krista says you should never ever punish a dog. If they are showing the wrong behaviour its a mistake we as owners have made along the way. I really don’t know what to advise you now I know you don’t even have a yard or area outside where you can housetrain him. All dogs, even Pomeranians need exercise outside and some fresh air every day.  I hope our Vet Krista, or someone else with more knowledge on the subject can give you advice on this. I… Read more »