My big dog Angel has always been a very fast eater. We even considered buying…

My big dog Angel has always been a very fast eater. We even considered buying her a slow feeder bowl to slow her down because it was so crazy.. she was never satisfied even after 4 cups of kibble a day. She finishes all her food right away on spot. The past week she has been hesitant to eat.. very weird. Now she picks up a couple pieces of kibbles, checks her surroundings.. and power walks to her bed and eats it there. What is she hiding from? This is a very annoying habit that my poodle does and I don’t know if she is trying to copy him or is her tooth bothering her? My vet checked her out on Saturday and said she is very very healthy.. teeth, body, and overall appearance. Is this just a new habit that she caught or is she trying to tell me something? She seems completely fine in every other way. Both my dogs are about a year and a half old. I hope shes not imitating the trouble maker…

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Jami Hartman
4 years ago

Hi, My grandparents have a dog who has this habit.  He grew up as a runt in the pound, so he had to steal food and eat it in secret.  Perhaps your two dogs had a small food arguement, and resulted in this kind of behavior.  But if I had to take a guess, I’d say she probably did adapt to her surroundings and did copy her friend.  This is completely common in a case involving two pets (happens with my 2 cats all the time)