Hi, my dog is 3 month old and he’s a pure bred pomeranian. As we’ve…

Hi, my dog is 3 month old and he’s a pure bred pomeranian. As we’ve just got him, we decided to ‘crate train’ him as he used to do his business in the lawn and we currently live in an apartment. Having said that, he has a bed that he is very comfortable in and so we enclosed him with his potty area next to his bed so that he’ll learn that he has to pee and poo on the newspaper. Do you think it’s a good idea that we get a crate or play pen so he can see his surroundings ? Because whenever we leave him, he would whine ( it was for a long period ) then we rewarded him with our presence everytime it was silent, and now he just whines just a little . However, we were thinking to get him a crate so he wont feel insecure behind those boxes . We did not consider getting a crate as we would want to let him have the freedom of roam around the house once he’s potty trained. Also, as we had 2 pomeranians last time, they were a noisy bunch and barked non stop . This pomeranian does not bark and all but only whimper and cry ( somewhat like a newborn child ) is that any reason to be worried at all? Thanks a lot.

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7 years ago

Hi Clara, We crate trained all of our dogs that we had as puppies. After a walk or good play session, I found that they actually like going to the crate. The crate equals a safe place to rest. Make sure to put a water dish and 1 toy in the crate so the dog is comfortable. Also, you could put a used shirt of yours in there too if you want as it will smell like you and make the dog miss you less when in the crate. I know that there are crates out there which would allow… Read more »