Hi! My dog is a rescue and we were told she is a boxer…

Hi! My dog is a rescue and we were told she is a boxer mix. Angel is really tall so she could be anything! Most people say she is a bullmastiff cane corso mix. She is a very large dog. We go for many walks around a pond (we live in Ontario Canada) so when I noticed this red pea-sized lump I guessed it was a splinter? It has not gone away and its been over a week. I am planning on taking her to the vet this weekend but I have been on google reading about possibilities and im super scared and worried now!!! It is not bothering her at all but then again she never yelps or makes sounds she is a very laid back dog. I have never heard her yelp and ive had her over a year.. What could it be? Please help me so I can stay calm until the weekend im really really worried.

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Jana Rade
5 years ago

I admit that with a splinter (or another foreign body) I’d expect some lameness, though this is up high enough that it might not hurt when putting weight on the food. Cookie had a piece of a porcupine quill between her toes and was quite lame from it. It was clearly infected but took quite a while to finally discover the culprit (the quill) and get it out. Once it was out it resolved quickly. Nobody can tell you what this is by looking at it. However, whatever it is, even if it was malignant, there are some awesome treatments… Read more »