Hi, My dog was laying on the floor, sleeping and when he got up, he…

Hi, My dog was laying on the floor, sleeping and when he got up, he is limping bad, as if he twisted his foot some how. He will not put pressure on his back Left paw. It is the paw and not the leg. This is very hard for him to walk or go to the bathroom outside. He can go down our porch steps, but can’t get back up. King ( My dog’s) name, is a 5 year old lab and weighs approx. 100 + pounds…We can’t take him to the vet, because he wont get into our vehicles, and he won’t let me or my wife touch his foot to look to see what his paw is looking like. Me and my wife are elderly, and cannot lift him and he will not let us touch his foot. Any advice you could give us would be helpful, We don’t want to take him to the Vet due to finances… He will put pressure on the tip of the toes on the bad foot (Lightly)..when walking sometimes. Your help would be very grateful.. It appears he may have sprained his paws when he got up after sleeping. Your help is so much appreciated.

Gus Mattila

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Kasey Litt
6 years ago

Hi Gus- Certainly his weight could be a factor. 100+ lbs is quite large for a lab. Will he let you trim his nails? My labs have really thick but brittle nails and if I do not cut them often, they have had issues with tearing but if you are not seeing any blood then it is probably not torn nail. Since labs have webbed paws, it is also easy for materials to get stuck between their toes. This is also a favorite place for ticks to hide. I check between my labs toes for debris and ticks. Bottom line… Read more »