My dog is in his third straight day of painful movement. He is a…

My dog is in his third straight day of painful movement. He is a 2.5 year old mutt – boxer mixed with cocker spaniel and maybe hound. He is 60 lbs and looks mostly like a boxer with a larger front end and a small back end. He has been yelping in brief pain whenever he gets up or sits down or goes out the doggie door. Once he is up he seem to walk around fine and plays/runs/pulls. The other strange symptom, which has been happening about once every couple weeks, is that he starts “air humping” with his penis out and can’t stop for 5 to 10 minutes (he is neutered and will do this at home with no other dogs around so I don’t think it’s a dominant thing). Thought it was a ACL or leg type injury and took him to the vet – they ruled out leg/ligament problems and hip displasia – noted a lot of pain when they lifted his tail. They took an x ray but no conclusive diagnosis – put him on anti inflammatory meds and pain meds and said to keep him calm.

I started reading about IVDD and think this is possible especially since I know his mom was a pure cocker and the humping might be a nerve thing (?). His normal “happy” movement when he wags his tail is to shake his whole backside wildly which is cute but may exacerbate the problem. Am I overthinking this? Or does he probably have a disk problem?

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