My dog is 8.5 years old male black Labrador. He hurt his right back leg…

My dog is 8.5 years old male black Labrador. He hurt his right back leg about 2 months ago & he has been limping on and off ever since.

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Jana Rade
5 years ago

Hi Houry, if your vet did what is referred to as drawer sign, that is indeed conclusive for unstable knee. If the knee can be manipulated to move in ways it’s not supposed to, in indicates the ligament has stretched or torn.  Negative drawer signs doesn’t always mean busted ligament but positive, sadly, means a busted one. X-rays don’t show ligaments because ligaments are soft tissues. X-rays are used to detect “secondary” signs of the injury. MRI works beautifully and shows the exact state of the ligament and how it was injured. If your dog had positive drawer sign, though,… Read more »

Jana Rade
5 years ago

Hi Houry, you can always get a second opinion, of course. You can get a second opinion with an orthopedic specialist. Sometimes, though, things don’t need extensive testing and this is one of them. With Jasmine (as with many dogs) the drawer sign couldn’t be elicited so further diagnostics needed to be done. Proper pre-op testing can ensure that surgery will be save. Age is not a factor in anesthesia, health and organ function. Also, knowing how well all his organs work is a tool to customizing the anesthesia protocol. Every surgery is very scary; surgery was the last thing… Read more »