i always forget to ask this question at the vet so why not ask it…

i always forget to ask this question at the vet so why not ask it here? My boxer/mastiff/mix (rescue dog :)) is ALWAYS hungry. I feed her 4 cups of Acana kibble everyday.. which is more than the bag even says to give her size dog. She has never had a limit to food. My boyfriend always tells me to feed her more but I buy kibble every 3-4 weeks and its 80 bucks each time.. how much more can i feed a dog?! She has snuck into the cabinet before and tore apart the bag and had over 8 cups on her own in a RUSH. I really believe that she doesn’t have a limit. She finishes 2 cups in less than a minute its like she thinks its going to run from her or something. . then she goes and eats the poodles half cup too.. Is this normal? Why is so hungry 24/7?! She is also a low energy dog so its not like shes burning it all. (15 months old). My other dog has to be forced to eat he takes forever but not angel .. you can feed her in the middle of her sleep and she will run over. Thanks guys love this site!

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julie brader
5 years ago

Hi again Karolina……some dogs will literally eat and eat and eat….and are never full. 

Your girl is a rescue and could have been deprived of food before you got her…this could be a reason she is so desperate to eat now….or she could just be a greedy dog. 

As long as her bodyweight is correct, she is fit and healthy, has no internal parasites then you are feeding her the right amount……and don’t worry she is fine. If you gave her more food, she would probably still want more…and more.