I don’t know what to do for him without money upfront where can I take…

I don’t know what to do for him without money upfront where can I take him I don’t know what to do I don’t want him to be suffering and just die at home cause I couldn’t afford to take him anywhere I love my dog I’ve had him for 7 years he has peed but it was outside at night in the grass so I couldn’t tell if it was blood in the urine. He wouldn’t let me bandage it but I’ve been trying to clean it he licks it alot. His paw is swollen and cut real bad but not bleeding hardly he is resting but sometimes restless but he’s not whining or anything and he is eating and drinking water

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Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

Take your dog back to your regular vet now that the weekend is over and ask about making payment plans.. If they won’t do payment plans, call around to other vets and ask. Pawn jewelry or items at a store if u can to get money together to show an earnest interest in getting the bill covered. Ask friends and family to cover some of it or start a go find me page to bring in the needed cash. Good luck!!

caroline challita
5 years ago

Hi Jennifer, If your unemployed that would mean you also have alot of time.. Try exchanging services you do know how to do for money. You’d be surprised at the things that work when we are desperately trying to find a solution. For example, my vet would simply not allow visits. One thing that got me to see my pet more was suggested here and it worked. Volunteering to care for other pets (it took 2 hours a day to just get a few minutes with fluffy but it worked) I juggled that with a full time job by working… Read more »