my dog is 16 years old He is half german sheppered half bull terrier
He has…

my dog is 16 years old He is half german sheppered half bull terrier
He has developed big lups under his tail near his bottom looks like huge boils He has arthritis in his right back leg And i think he is going blind i love my dog but i dont want him to suffer any more my husband wont accept it I want to know how much it will be to relieve him of his pain and will a ver come to my house to do it

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Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Hello Kerry, I am so sorry to hear of your dogs illness and situation. I am a veterinarian at Jarrettsville Vet in Jarrettsville Md. I can’t give you an estimate for services and I can’t give you a diagnosis or even a recommendation based on a question through our site. The best advice that I can give you is to call your local veterinary clinic and ask for help from them. Not all clinics can or will come to your house, but some will, and there are also mobile veterinarians who can come to your home. I know it is… Read more »

Kasey Litt
7 years ago

Hi Kerry – Making a decision to put down your beloved pup is very difficult. For me, I had to weigh how much my dog was in pain, what the chances were for recovery and was I prolonging his/her life for me or for them. I am still haunted by my dog Beatrice who I had taken to a surgeon for a consultation/biopsy where we found a large cancerous tumor on the base of her tongue that was prohibiting her from eating or drinking. I am haunted because the last thing she saw was some stranger putting her out. It… Read more »