My dog has been licking and biting at her paws a lot lately but I…

My dog has been licking and biting at her paws a lot lately but I check them and there doesn’t appear to be anything stuck in them. My mom, who works with a rescue place and fosters dogs, said that it might be from allergies? Anyone have a dog that has done this and what did it end up being? Worth a trip to the vet for? Thanks.

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cleo bean
5 years ago

don’t let her because that will lead up to her licking them to the bone the bone will show if she dosent

PK Dennis
5 years ago

First, get all grain out of her diet — find a grain-free premium dog food.  The first 2 ingredients must be meat — such as elk, chicken, turkey — words that you understand as meat.  Meal means the whole animal was ground up and dried, so ‘salmon meal’ means meat too.  Avoid any thing that has “by-products” listed such as “chicken by-products” this could be just chicken feathers!  Not a good source of protein.   Be sure the treats are grain-free also!  Stop sharing cookies and bread crusts!  Grains impact the dogs ability to fight off allergens.  If she is… Read more »

5 years ago

Is it all four paws, or just front ones or just rear ones? If multiple paws are being licked, and no redness or lesions are found, yes, allergies are high on the list. Personally, I’d start with gentle rinses every time she comes from the outside to see whether it will reduce the problem. If not, then I would see a vet for proper identification of the type of allergy and making sure nothing else is going on.

5 years ago

It could still be allergies but I read theories that this might come from nerve irritation too. I’d start by rinsing the feet after every time outside (this is to wash off potential allergens, so if she’s allergic to some seasonal vegetation, it would need to be done every time to really do something). Could use 50/50 water/vinegar solution or tea-colored betadine solution. How old is she? Personally, I’d do a chiropractic check-up as well. If the rinsing doesn’t improve things and chiropractor doesn’t find anything, then I’d see a vet about it. What diet is she on? Could also… Read more »