My dog, Mister Banks, is an eleven year old bichon shih tzu mix I purchased…

My dog, Mister Banks, is an eleven year old bichon shih tzu mix I purchased from Alberta when he was only ten weeks old. Today, I discovered a strange hairless patch on his left thigh where you can see a small thin bit of hair and his skin underneath. His skin looks as it usually is. But his coat is fairly thick (I am going to get him groomed on Thursday) and it’s just this one area. It is about seven centimetres long and four wide. His skin is level with the rest of his body, so it’s not lumpy or anything. But when I scratch him in this paticular area, he will start kicking his leg. I just noticed as I was typing this that he is chewing on the area. I just gave him a flea bath so I don’t think it is fleas. He is acting normally and shows no signs of sickness. Does anybody know what this could be or if I should get it checked out professionaly?

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Diedra Cardamone
5 years ago

Hello, I am sorry that your dog is not feeling well.  There are many diseased and conditions that can cause skin irritations.  It can be parasites, mange, infection, allergies, even internal organ issues like liver or thyroid or a dietary problem/insufficiency.  Your best bet is to see your vet and begin a basic work up.  This would include a detailed history, diet discussion, parasite prevention and check for parasites.  You can also go to a veterinary dermatologist if needed.  Even though you treated for fleas it could still be a possibility that the skin is irritated and bothersome because of… Read more »