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Jana Rade
5 years ago

Dinah, this is a very generic description of the problem:

– how long does your dog have it?
– is it watery, explosive, does if have mucous, does he always have to go, is there straining or large volume not as often?
– is there blood in it?
– is there vomiting?
– is he eating, drinking, behaving normally?
– any signs of dehydration or pain?

Has he eaten something new or inappropriate? (garbage raid, table scraps, found something outside, chewed something up) …?

Shiria Seelenlicht
5 years ago

Hello, can you provide some more information? How long does he have diarrhea? How old is your dog and does he show any other symtoms, like not eating, vomiting or something else? Did you change the food he gets? Most reasons for diarrhea I know are feeding other food than usually, eating something he souldn’t have, but sometimes also things like worms. If he is an adult dog and is fine otherwise, eating and drinking normally I would try to give food that calms his stomach like rice and chicken and see if that helps. If he continues to have… Read more »