Hi. My dog has been diagnosed with mast cell cancer. He has had…

Hi. My dog has been diagnosed with mast cell cancer. He has had tumors removed. Now, a few months after they were removed he is getting new growths, the vet oncologist has tried aspirating to no avail. They have aspirated three times (two locations) and have not recived positive mast cell results. We have been talking about a drug, Palladia and they insist they need another positive aspirate to start Palladia. Is this true? Can you please tell me about Palladia. What kind of life expecancy for a 6 year old boxer with grade 2 mast cell with and without palladia? All in all, I dont want him to be in pain and I want him to have a good quality of life.
Thank you for all of your time!

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Krista Magnifico
7 years ago

Hello Mara, I am sorry to hear that your puppy has been diagnosed with Mast Cell tumors, but I applaud your seeking an onologist for your treatment options and plan. I am also sorry to hear that the recent attempts to diagnose the current bumps has proven unsuccessful. We have used Kinavet a few times at our practice. It has been met with varying success. Some dogs appear to hve gone into remission for a few months, while others seem to have not had any response to it at all. These drugs are chemtherapy drugs and do not come without… Read more »