My dog keeps chattering his teeth and acting like he has a dry mouth, …

My dog keeps chattering his teeth and acting like he has a dry mouth, Can’t think of the exact words to describe him acting like he has a dry mouth

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Krista Magnifico
6 years ago

Hello Kim, Thanks for your question. Chatter can be a sign of a few things that I would look into. First, have your vet do a very thorough oral cavity exam. But remember that many dental lesions and problems can lie beneath the gum line or hidden in the back, remote and hard to look at in the split second your dog will let you stick their head in their mouth. So sometimes a full dental examination requires general anesthesia, x-rays, and probing of all teeth to look for pockets that may harbor your source of discomfort or disease. I… Read more »

Kristen Vance
6 years ago

There are many reasons for chattering teeth. How old is your dog? Has he ever had a dental exam?
Other possible causes include it being a seizure activity, stress, pain around his mouth/jaw, tremors or muscle pain. It is best to have a vet see him so that the reason for this can be determined and possibly treated if needed.

Dr. Kristen Vance
Homeward Bound Mobile Veterinary Services