My dog has carpal hyperextension from trauma. She has had X-rays at two different…

My dog has carpal hyperextension from trauma. She has had X-rays at two different places and neither know what is wrong. I give her joint supplements but don’t know what else to do. Her extension isn’t the worst but a definite limp probably 30 degrees off what it should be. I came home one day and she had chewed threw our fence and got out. She was hopping on her leg and had 3 small distinct gashes that she still licks to this day even though it has heeled. It’s been about 6 or 7 months now. Surgery is too expensive from what I think and no vet around my area does arthrodesis surgery. She turned 4 in September. If I do nothing, in your opinion, will it get worse? Is there anything other than surgery that I could do? Is she prone to get arthritis at an early age? Someways she limps on it worse than others. I feel terrible and want expert advice.

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Krista Magnifico
6 years ago

Hello Amanda, I think that there are a few questions to answer, so I am going to do the best I can to try to make this answer make sense. First, it is not uncommon for a dog with a history of trauma to have permanent damage to a joint. The carpal (wrist) hyperextension will cause a limp and subsequent joint damage, like osteoarthritis or degenrative joint disease. The joint also usually gets more and more bent, or hyperextended over time due to use and the weight of the body. Keeping your dog lean, with a good body condition score… Read more »