I’m thinking of getting a dog because I’m going to move soon and I need…

I’m thinking of getting a dog because I’m going to move soon and I need to decide which breed is right for me. I do have a cat so keep that in mind, but he isn’t gonna scratch because usually he just examines his toys. I would like a moderate sized dog breed but not too big. The main reason I would like the dog is for a cuddle companion but I still would love to play fetch. Also my mom said it would be nice if it looked big and burly so it would act like a guard dog. I’m also fine with having to exercise it everyday at the park because it’s walking distance.

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julie brader
5 years ago

Why don’t you look at dog breeds online? That way you could read all about them.

Just a note….your cat doesn’t scratch or bite his toys, they don’t move or chase him. A dog will move and might well chase him. So bare that in mind. 

Otherwise good luck! 

Robin Laybolt
5 years ago

Hi Colin

I don’t think anyone can really answer that question but you, you are the only one that knows what type of dog would be best for you. However here is a site you can go to and that might help you with your decision: DogBreed Selector:Animal Planet. 

Good luck with decision.

Robin Laybolt
5 years ago

You are very welcome, and I’m happy to hear that you decided on a rescue or a mutt lol. Good luck and enjoy your new puppy when ypu get him or her.