The vet gave him med’s, put a cone around his head and he had to…

The vet gave him med’s, put a cone around his head and he had to have his tail removed. So i’m confused a year later all he has is a little nub left and he is still trying to attack whats left of it. We had to put a muzler on his mouth to prevent him from hurting himself but he still tries. i don’t want to put him down but no one has answers or a solution. We brought him to petco to get his shots and he started spinning again and all they basically said was that its almost as if my dog is suicidal. He barks as if hes under attack though the day and night he just keeps spinning. I don’t want him to suffer but it seems like there’s nothing anyone can do.

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Margrit Simons
5 years ago

I feel like crying after having read how your poor dog is suffering! I wish that I had an answer other than to endorse that which Dr. Krista already advised. At least try the anti-anxiety meds and the opioids to start with to hopefully get some relief for you and your poor dog! My best wishes to you!