My 5-year-old fixed female boxer mix is not generally an aggressive dog. She has…

My 5-year-old fixed female boxer mix is not generally an aggressive dog. She has never actually bitten a person, dog, or cat (not even when she is rough-housing–and my cat completely bosses her around). My boyfriend has 3 other dogs, and all 4 dogs spend time together, although we live separately. His fixed 7-year-old female Dachshund will occasionally growl at my dog if my dog gets near her when she is cuddling with either of us. My dog always wants to butt in between. There have also been about 3 growl and bark issues between them (in two years). Generally it’s been a non-issue, especially when we aren’t around.

We left all 4 dogs outside (within the underground fence) when we went shopping. We returned to find his female seriously injured with multiple bite marks. Thankfully, she has recovered (after a 3 day vet hospital stay).

My question is–could it have been my dog that attacked her? The other dogs are either too small or too big to have inflicted the damage. That leaves
A. My dog
B. A coyote
C. Another dog that wandered onto the property.

The house is in a nice subdivision, but the property backs up to two farms. The back farm is separated partially by a barbed wire fence and partially by a wire fence–and much undergrowth.

My boyfriend does keep food and water outside. He doesn’t think any animal would risk the 4 dogs to get to it. (They are mostly indoor dogs, but the food is inside of their large dog house.)

The dachshund was about 10 feet from the property line when we found her. Her wounds were only on her back portion (hips, butt, and stomach). The vet said they were bite and pull (lift) wounds. She had released her anal glands.

My dog didn’t have any defensive wounds on her. She didn’t act at all guilty after this (usually if she does something she knows she shouldn’t, she hides). Could she have done this?

My boyfriend initially thought my dog was a likely candidate. Neighbors have suggested coyotes. There was a pretty serious coyote on dog attack in a subdivision a miles away, but that was two years ago.

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PK Dennis
5 years ago

I doubt it was a coyote attack because if a coyote got it’s teeth into the doxy, the doxy would just be gone.  Vanished without a trace — coyotes are just that good at what they do!  And Dr. Krista is wrong — coyotes will attack even a pack of dogs.  In the East, the large coyotes will pick the dog in a pack they see as easiest to get and will go for it even when humans are in sight.  My Cairn breeder lost a dog that way during a morning walk — right in front of her eyes… Read more »

5 years ago

1 – please, please don’t leave your dogs unattended in a yard with an invisible fence.  please.  this is dangerous for MANY reasons, including the possibility of attack from outside sources (wildlife, other dogs, humans).  if you leave the house, they need to be inside where it’s safe.  if you go inside, they need to go back inside with you. 2 – i would start crating everyone, if you haven’t.  i’ve read in various places that boxers, particularly bitches, can be same sex aggressive.  this is a very real issue, and something that would absolutely concern me.  same sex aggression… Read more »