My dog ate a small jade plant at least an hour and A half ago…

My dog ate a small jade plant at least an hour and A half ago, and isn’t acting abnormally. 2 year old spayed female English Springer spaniel, 45 pounds. She ate dinner an hour ago. Should I try to induce vomiting or just monitor her?

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Krista Magnifico
6 years ago

Hello Patty, Jade plants are toxic to dogs (and cats), and if you believe that your dog has ingested some I would recommend you either call the ASPCA Pet Poisin helpline or go to your veterinarian immediately. Without knowing how much was ingested or when, it is very hard to recommend anything. Vomiting should only be induced if the toxin was ingested within the last hour. After this time much of the plant has been broken down and passed out of the stomach. Signs of ingestion are lethargy, vomiting, and changes in behavior. Seek immediate veterinary attention if you notice… Read more »