I have a Healthy 6 year old rescue (llasa apso, cocker spaniel mix) that I’ve…

I have a Healthy 6 year old rescue (llasa apso, cocker spaniel mix) that I’ve had over a year and he has always been a very bad eater. Since the day I got him he turns his nose up at any kind of dog food (wet, dry). I’ve tried adding some people food of ALL kinds (and turned his nose up at steak too), dog treats, gravies, soups, you name it. He will typically only eat if someone is consistenly putting a treat on top of the food for every bite or hand feeding him. I have tried the “put it down and pick it up if he doesn’t eat it” solution for 3 full days until I gave in. I got worried. I looked online and found that some people add pumpkin to the food and I did this and for the first time I put his food down and he gobbled it up like there was no tomorrow. He LOVES pumpkin. But that only lasted that one time and after that he approached his bowl and ran away like he was afraid of it or something! So I have been hand feeding him his food with the pumpkin. Very strange. I know I sound pathetic and I know he’s probably got us wrapped around his little paw. And FYI I also tried changing bowls (plastic, metal, ceramic, paper plate, table mats, the floor) to no avail and we also have another dog (wheaten terrier) that we had first and who is 8 and he has no issues with food at all.

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Diedra Cardamone
5 years ago

Hi Donna, This must be very frustrating to you.  You didn’t mention any health issues or changes in your family’s routine or lifestyle – if any of those things are happening then the food may be related to something else.  A visit to the vet is definitely a good idea to see if there is something going on medically like gastrointestinal problems (just like people get) and can be caused by changing food too frequently or he could have age related changes in his body.  They may have someone to refer you to that deals completely with diet and nutrition.… Read more »