Hi I never thought of this before but the other day I was walking my…

Hi I never thought of this before but the other day I was walking my three year old male dog, Chico,and he has his Friends ,both human and animal, and there is this man he has his own dog and they seem happy.m My dog has always loved this man, I would tease the man and tell him that he is my dogs grandfather. But the other day my dog didn’t want to be touched by him. Chico didn’t attack him but he just didn’t want to be petted. The man told me that this wasn’t normal, which I was kind of aware of, and that my dog is probably suffering some type of abuse. My first thought was my father. My father would usually creep talk my dog saying things like your real good and so on. But while telling him that my father would gran his face And tell him that. I would tell him to stop and he would but whenever he would try again Chico would try and but his hands if they got near him. I’ve checked my dog but don’t really find any convincing signs, nothing that suggests abuse. could it be trauma? Because recently my uncle moved out and Chico loved him so much it hurt. Could I just have something to do with that?

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