He moves in circles in pain and when I stand him up his legs just…

He moves in circles in pain and when I stand him up his legs just hang there n kind of bend inwards. He had lost weight and stopped eating about 2 weeks ago and now he is eating again and once he ate more he started trying to walk and stand up he would force himself and now he can’t do anything but just lay down and be in pain I am devastated I can’t afford a vet Idk what to do =( please help with,any info or what I,can give him for pain relief

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julie brader
5 years ago

There must be a way you can take him to the Vet? If you have jewellry pawn it, sell your electrical items. Phone round the vets and see if you can work something out. If all else fails take him to an anjmal shelter where he will get treatment.

This sounds like some sort of back injury, slipped disc ect. Please you can’t leave him suffering like this…and it will only get worse without treatment from what you said.

He needs a Vet URGENTLY please take him.