My dog is 4 and pees everywhere even after hes been outside. He was trained…

My dog is 4 and pees everywhere even after hes been outside. He was trained but now its like he forgot or could it be hes mad cause we have a two year old now.

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PK Dennis
5 years ago

First you need to rule out a medical problem — a trip to the vet, including a urine sample.  Sounds like the younger dog is a new arrival?  The same sex?  Your older dog may be marking due to another male being added to the household.   Once a health problem has been ruled out, or cured you will need to solve the marking problem.  You have to contain both dogs to their crates or one small room when you can not watch them.  Then you have to clean your house so it smells only of you – not dog… Read more »

Kelly Furgason
5 years ago

Hi!Has your dog always done this , or is it new? Could be lots of things causing excessive urination…Dogs do not ‘get mad’ ,so figuring out the root cause of the problem is in order. If you have a two year old that is taking away time from your dog, your schedule or how much you interact with your dog could be impacting your dogs routine and that could also be a factor. Could be medical, or behavioral. An exam by a vet would help rule out things like UTI’s , diabetis, or other disease that can cause exess urination.… Read more »