My dog is 4 years old and has been battling a fungus her whole life.5…

My dog is 4 years old and has been battling a fungus her whole life.5 weeks ago changed her food & started 1 teaspoon of coconut oil daily. How long does it take to kill off the fungus & will her hair regrow ?

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PK Dennis
5 years ago

Well, I don’t have experience with dogs battling a fungus — but I do have lots of experience with dogs that lost their hair due to mange, or allergies, and then scratched their skin so much that they opened it up to bacteria and developed yeast problems.  So, I am assuming that your dog has had similar symptoms most of her life — itch, hair loss, flaky skin, even ‘elephant’ skin (thickened grey skin)? Once I get all the grain out of the dogs diet (including grain in treats), it takes about 3 months to have a full, lovely coat… Read more »

PK Dennis
5 years ago

I am glad you have found a diet that is helping your dog to feel so much better. Not every diet works for every dog — so you have to keep trying new things until you find the one that works for your dog. So, you should see a good coat on your dog in 3 months if she continues down this path — so areas may take longer than others to grow hair, and if she has scars from scratching she may not grow hair in those areas. But over all she will be looking so much better. Coconut… Read more »

julie brader
5 years ago

Stephanie I totally understand what you are saying!!  My dogs were on kibble as I didn’t know anything else. However they would often vomit for no reason, my girl had some dry flaky patches the Vet couldn’t clear with shampoos, antibiotics or steriods….then my boy developed Pancreatis and Struvite Crystals. I couldn’t keep giving him kibble I had to find something low Purine for the crystals and low fat for the Pancreas. They are now on a totally natural fresh diet, no grain at all. They only have natural treats such as tripe sticks and carrots. I only give filtered… Read more »